"Where's my order?"

Thank you for your recent purchase from TOT. 

You may have received an email or message stating that an item was on back order or pre order. 

This means, that at the time of purchase your item was out of stock on our shelves. 
Although we do our best to keep all stock up to date, sometimes we cannot guarantee they will be available. Things like:

- High volume of sale

- Manufacturer backorder or delays

- Freight and shipping delays

Contribute to the delay in you receiving your item. 

Generally we see wait times of 14-42 days before an item is processed and reaches your door. 
Sometimes that part is already on its way and we can have it out in 7 days. 

It is important to note that if you have not received an email or message confirming your tracking information then YOUR PARCEL HAS NOT YET BEEN SENT due to one of the above factors. 

Unfortunately I cannot control these factors, and can only work with the time frames that my suppliers and manufacturers give me. 

Please be patient, your order WILL reach you.